The Next Steps

As most of you are probably aware, the end of my two year commitment to the Missioners is rapidly approaching.  Only three months away, in fact.  As such, I’ve had to start looking toward the future and thought I should officially tell all my family and friends what my plans are.

Long story short: well, I’m not quite ready to leave yet.  Two years in and I finally (mostly) speak the language.  I know the kids and their stories.  I have relationships and friendships.  I love Comayagua for both its beauty and its sorrows.  Our community is my second family.

So I prayed a lot.  Cried a little.  Talked with my mom and one of the Poor Clare sisters.  In February, I met with the Board of Directors of Comayagua’s Catholic bilingual school, Our Lady, Queen of Peace.  Last Friday, I met the principal and got the tour of the school.  This week I started taking steps to renew my residency.

It’s everything I love in one place:  God.  Books.  Honduras.  High Schoolers.  I’m super excited.

It’s funny how for so long, I had so much anxiety about what the next steps would be, and then, everything just naturally fell into place.  I have no idea if this will last beyond a year, but for now, at least, I’m very much at peace knowing that I’ve been given enough light to see the next step.

It’s also really wonderful to not be saying goodbye.  I’ve spent most of my life leaving people… always moving, transferring schools and jobs.  It feels so good to decide to stay.  To not have to start over again, but to continue deeping.

That’s definitely what I’m most excited about.  I love the mission life, but we never really stop moving.  One day in this ministry, the next day in that ministry, one week in this aldea, the next week in that aldea.  The consistency of seeing the same kids every day is going to be phenomenal.

Oh!  But that’s a key point too!  Even though in August I’ll be moving out of the house and into the teacher’s apartments, I’ll definitely keep working with the Missioners.  We still have a lot of details to work out with regards to what that will look like, but I image I’d continue to help out with Becas on Saturday mornings, to volunteer for the Pan de Vida retreats, things like that.  We’ll see.

It’ll be a big transition, but one that I’m looking forward to.  In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep me busy until August.  My goal is to make the most of these last few months living in the house.

And before I sign off, here are some pictures of the school. The first picture is the chapel (which you can actually see from our house and Casa Guadalupe) and then the second picture is… sort of the front of the school and its classrooms.  They don’t have an official website, but the link above is to their Facebook page if you want to see more.  Beautiful, right??

chapel and mary



2 thoughts on “The Next Steps

  1. Oh Carrie! Que alegria escuchar de sus decisiones. Esta en mis oraciones. Si Dios quiere podre compartir un momento en persona con usted…. Por lo pronto, regocijese en el Senor siempre siempre siempre.

    La quiero mucho. Gracias por ser quien es y decir los si que ha dado al Senor y sigue dando!

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