Blogging Again!

Truly.  I find it a good thing that I haven’t posted a blog in so long.  It means that I’m busy living life!

But all of the wonderful people back home do deserve an update on the latest that’s been happening in these past… five months.  Whoops.

Let’s see, the most important thing to know is that I continue to learn that God’s plan is not my own.  My last blog post, I talked about how excited I was to start teaching high school English at the bilingual Catholic school down here.  Yeah. That didn’t happen.

There was this and there was that; something fell out of place here and into place there.  All of a sudden, I’m teaching 3rd grade math and science at a different bilingual school in Comayagua.


Yes, that’s a locker full of toilet paper down on the left.

I know.  Math and Science.  It’s okay.  You can laugh.  I laugh about it too.  My kids are great, though, and in my own efforts to make rounding and units of measurement more exciting for myself, it hopefully makes it more exciting for them too.   We sing a lot.  The boys keep asking if we can make something explode.  We’ll see if I can find Mentos here in Honduras.

Also hilarious in a sad sort of way—even living out of the mission house I still have to get up at 5am!  Hondurans start their days early!

Right!  So I’m not in the mission house anymore.  That’s been a huge transition.  I’m living in the city of Comayagua with two sisters (not like nun sisters, just regular blood sisters) who are both studying in university.  I’m also with Ashley, my fellow missionary who likewise just finished her two year commitment.  She spends her days volunteering at San Benito, the Friar’s medical clinic, and hanging out with the Missionaries of Charity.  Her plan is to head back home in December.

As far as my own plans.  See the above.  I have no idea.  Or rather, I think my problem is that I have too many ideas.  Ideas for if I go home, ideas for if I stay.  Just waiting to see which ideas play out and in the meantime, I’m enjoying this next chapter of life.

Ashley and I talk about it all the time, how much confirmation we both feel like we’ve received in our decision to stay longer. One of my most powerful moments was at a Pan de Vida retreat last weekend.  Two teenage girls from Casa Misericordia came. I basically spent the entire weekend hanging out with them and loving it.  We ate our meals together, sang the songs together, sat on the cement floor together.  I think one of the most important part of being a missionary is being there for life’s ordinary moments.  Yes, the big ones too, the times of crisis and celebration, but it’s mainly loving people in the day in and day out.  I’m looking forward to doing more of that this year.

Goal:  To update this blog more regularly on the regular moments of life.  Maybe it won’t be as exciting, but life is beautiful in its simplicity.

One regular(ish) life moment:  Yesterday was Independence Day in Honduras (in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador too).  Celebrated by marching in the parade.  All of the teachers from the school had to.  It was… long.  And hot.  But I feel a little more Honduran for having had the experience.  After spending the afternoon napping, that night we saw an orchestra concert and fireworks in the central park.  Overall, an excellent day.


Photo courtesy of Gracia’s facebook page. Thanks, Gracia!


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