Surprise! Or Not…

For those of you who know me, the news that I’m leaving a much beloved job as an English teacher to spend (potentially/hopefully) two years in Honduras might have come as a surprise.  But then again… maybe not.

In case you need the recap, I first traveled to Honduras the summer of 2007.  I’ve gone back almost every year since.  Know that was never the game plan.  I was busy throwing myself into pro-life work and while the trip had been life changing, I certainly hadn’t fallen in love with the country like some of my co-missioners had.

Ha.  How times have changed.  Or rather, how I’ve changed.

Have you ever heard it said that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship?

At its heart, the mission in Honduras is about relationships (with both Jesus and the Honduran people).  I found that every time I went down, I wanted to invest more and more in the relationships that I was building.  At first it was “Oh, it’d be nice to go down a second time.”  Then it became, “Wow, I should seriously consider spending a summer down there.” Of course, “I have to introduce my students to this” followed, and now… well, here we are, in the initial preparations for a long term mission.

I’ve got about a million more thoughts about Honduras and I’ve had a lot of questions.  For now, I hope this blog can be a place where I sort out some of those thoughts and answer those questions (and act as a touchstone for fundraising as well).  Ultimately, it’ll become  a record for my time in Honduras and will introduce everyone back home to the people that I’ve already come to love and the people I don’t even know yet.

Get excited.


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