Interlude! Wishlist. II.

So for those of you who’ve been with me for this entire year, you might remember that last year I had a small Christmas wishlist.  Last year, I was much more on top of my game and posted mid-December instead of, well, the day after Christmas.  So, we’ll see what sort of response there is.

On the list this year:  Children’s books in Spanish!  We’re doing this new tutoring/literacy program with San Benito, the friar’s hospital, and I’d really love to have some engaging stories to read with the girls that I’m working with.  Things like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Little Princess, The Phantom Tollbooth, whatever…they just need to be in Spanish.  Actually, before I left for Honduras (a year and a half ago!??!?) a good friend of mine gave me copy of Charlotte’s Web in Spanish, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it with kids and teens alike on mission.  Everyone loves it.  It’s also great for my own Spanish language practice. Additionally, request in the house has been made for The Lord of the Rings, as well.  Here’s the official amazon link but obviously, whatever version of the books is great:

hmmm…and that’s about it.  Honestly, what we need most right now are donors to support our scholarship kids and university students.  A new school year is starting in February and it’d be great if we could have it all lined up and ready to go.  I’ll probably do a post when I get back down with pictures of the kids and stories and why you should sponsor them.

If you really want to know, we need a new truck, (well, a used Ford Land Cruiser would be ideal but I realize that’s a stretch) so if anyone is feeling SUPER generous this holiday season, lemme know.

Oh!  And rosaries!  Even the plastic ones!  We always need more!

As far as getting all of this to me… well, if we’re friends in real life, hopefully you’ll be seeing me soon!  I’m hanging out at home until Jan. 7th and doing a NOVA trip. around the 4th/5th ish.  Also, you can Facebook or email me for my address!

Last but not least, as always, what we need most are prayers.  2014 was a rough year… hopefully 2015 will be a little… less rough.

Muchas gracias! Que Dios les bendiga!!


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