Giving Thanks. III.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope everyone has had a happy and blessed holiday. In the spirit of the season… here’s my post about Thanksgiving!

It’s funny how sometimes it’s by going away that you realize just how much you belong where you are. For Thanksgiving, as previously mentioned, we went up to Farm of the Child in Trujillo, Honduras.


The chapel at the Finca.

As you can see from the photo I stole from their website, it’s gorgeous up there!  The orphanage and school are on the shoreline and I’m fascinated by the methodology: the kids all live with “aunts” or “uncles” in a home setting based upon their ages.  The whole place was incredibly peaceful.  Plus, we had so much fun with the missionaries who live there!  Wednesday night we had a talent show, Thursday morning played flag football, and after exploring a little of downtown Trujillo that afternoon, came back to a ridiculously delicious Thanksgiving meal with their local community.

flag football

Singing the national anthem.

I think the best part was just sharing the ups and downs of mission life with those from the Farm.  Tough questions like managing different personalities in community but also the silly ones too, like why do you throw a cubito in anything and everything that you cook?  Yo no sé.


But seriously. Everything.

Coming back was quite the adventure as well.  Thanks to rain, pretty much all of the bridges had washed out, so we had to take a different route back and the truck broke down in the middle of NOWHERE and ya, know, the usual.


Yeah….that happened.


We were giddy with relief and exhaustion when we finally made it back home.  Honestly, home had never felt so much like home.  I think that’s the way all trips should be….  you enjoy the vacation, the going away and seeing new places, but you’re happy to back.

Of course, coming back meant jumping into the chaos of our training week!  When we got back, we only had three more days to finish all of the preparations for the 25 teenagers that were coming… but that’ll be a later post.



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