Giving Thanks. Part II.

haha, so remember when a month ago I posted the picture with the hopes that I’d have a new blog posted the next week?   I don’t even know why I pretend anymore.

But!  I’ve made it home for Christmas… and well.. still actually don’t have a lot of time for blogging.  Between Krispy Kreme with friends, puzzles and Frozen Free Fall with the family, and all the usual eating and sleeping whatnot, there hasn’t been a whole lot of free time.

Still though, there are too many beautiful stories not to post, so my goal is to do a quick summary of my life since November in a series of shorter posts these next few days (ha, but no promises).

The day before the picture was taken had been an especially busy Saturday… I don’t remember with what, but I remember it was about 4:00 and all I wanted to do was shower and rest before the 5:00 Holy Hour.  I was literally on my way, like walking to my room, when the car honked and so I opened the door to let in the guys returning from the boys orphanage.  Justin jumps out and asks if I want to go with a few others to visit a family who was finishing the 40 days of prayer for a family member who had died.  It was one of those things where, I didn’t want to, but I knew that I should.  After all, I knew the family and a person only dies once.  So I went along.  Of course, it was a lovely visit.  We talked mostly about food and Christmas decorations, but we prayed together and cried together and it was good.  I was glad I had gone.

The next day was the Feast of Christ the King and First Communion and the celebration of the delegates (those who lead the Liturgy of the Word in communities where there’s no Mass).  Despite showing up quite early to Mass at the parish, the church was OVERFLOWING.  Seriously, there was a huge crowd of people who couldn’t make it in.  Sometimes being as small as I am is quite convenient.  We needed to take pictures of our scholarship kids who were making their First Communion and, thankfully, I was able to slide into the very back of the church.

In the last row of chairs, right in front of me, were all of the girls from Casa Misericordia! Hooray!  So I’m giving all them hugs when, low and behold, in the row in front of them is the family we had visited yesterday!  The mom waved me over, and I wound up getting a seat and holding her super cute five-year-old daughter!  It’s funny how good deeds sometimes repay themselves in unexpected ways.

It’s hard to put into words how I felt during Mass… but more than anything else, was just this sense of belonging… a sense of community and family.  Between the Casa Misericordia girls, the girls’ orphanage girls, the scholarship kids, the moms, our neighbors… I knew a sizable number of the people in the crowd.  And not only do I know them, but with a fair number, I have genuine, authentic relationships… which was basically my motive for coming down to Honduras in the first place.  It’s pretty surreal to see that goal being… realized.  Also something to make you feel good about life:  understanding the jokes Father’s making.  Win.

Next blogpost:  Thanksgiving Adventures!  And a very BLACK Friday.



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