Back to Normal!

So last night, I stayed up until 1am reading. AKA. No more dengue!! Thank goodness! And thanks to you all for all your prayers!

It’s been so good living the normal life this past week. Honestly, I think it’s the first normal week since…wow, maybe May?

Well, actually, today wasn’t normal. We celebrated Mother Teresa pretty much alllllll day with the Missionaries of Charity (it’s her feast day).  Which is why I don’t have a real post for today.

Instead, it’s more just a minireflection on how… I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past year…or rather… it’s been more like a confirmation of things I already knew.

For example. Being sick and getting better has confirmed that I’m definitely not one for the contemplative life. I love, love, love running around again. I even love being tired at the end of the day… but that contented tired.

As much as I love running around though, I don’t know if I’ve ever loved reading as much either.   I know I haven’t updated my reading list page, well, since the day I made it, but I’ve been able to read soooo many good books down here (and a few bad ones).  New favorite author:  Shūsaku Endō.  Read him!  You can skip Daniel Deronda.

Other things I’ve confirmed:

  • I’m TOTALLY an introvert even if people sometimes think otherwise.
  • I really, really hate cooking.
  • I’m really, really good at cleaning.
  • I love teaching.  And miss it.  A lot.
  • Also teenagers.  Don’t know why, but they’re my favorite.
  • I love singing.
  • I hate planning parties.
  • Community life is awesome, but definitely not for me for long-term.  I miss family life like crazy.
  • I don’t want… stuff…

Anyways.  The point is, I’m alive and well, and now you know!


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