Home’s the Best

So this past week we had a community retreat!  I’m sure it was somewhere beautiful with lots of waterfalls, and undoubtedly, it was a time of fun (water polo, anyone?) and quiet reflection before the chaos of summer starts.  In the end, I don’t really know, because I didn’t go!  Instead, I went home for a week!

Home is the best.

In some ways, though, I feel really silly writing about it on my blog. I’m so impressed by the mommy bloggers who make ever little story sound hilarious or heartfelt.  Mine are more like:  We played charades!  And my little sisters and brother made me laugh really hard as they imitated octopuses* and squirrels. The end.

Yet the simplicity of my visit was what made it so wonderful.  It was so good to do puzzles and watch movies with my siblings, to grab dinner and have sleepovers with friends.  More than anything, I couldn’t get over the sense of peacefulness that permeates my family’s life right now.

Honestly, I think a lot of it comes from the beauty of where we live.  With the field of sweet potatoes across from us, and the woods and the lake behind our backyard where the rosebushes are blooming and the magnolias are just starting to open up… it’s wonderful.

And maybe it’s the setting or maybe it’s my mom’s laid-back personality… but life at home is so stress free.  So often, even down here in Honduras, we get so caught up in the little things.  If the talk’s not finished, if the t-shirts aren’t ready, if the rooms aren’t clean… we act as if the world’s going to end… but so far it hasn’t.  Moreover, when something does go wrong, by the next day it’s been forgotten. haha, trust me, I’ve learned that lesson a lot in the past month.  One thing about having more responsibility is that you have a lot more room for error.  But that’s another blogpost.  Anyways. Know that all of  this isn’t to say we shouldn’t always do our best or that these things aren’t important, but more to remember that at the end of the day, what really matters?

I also know my family’s blessed in that money isn’t a worry.  In two ways.  One, my family lives comfortably.  We have air conditioning and heat, cars, Netflix, and delicious food for dinner every night.  At the same time, we live within our means.  We don’t have cable and we shop at Aldi and Good-Will, but we don’t worry about getting more money either.  What would we do with more money?  Buy things we don’t really need?  Seriously.  I wonder how much stress comes from watching commercials and television that say you need x, y, and z to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Last but not least, I know it’s because my family has a confidence in God’s plan…both for the future and our everyday lives.  Our family has been through a lot of pain, but that’s just it… we passed through it.  We’ve seen how God works to bring good even out of the darkest times.  In the end, there’s no need to worry.

To wrap up, the thought that kept coming back to me during my time home was, “This is how things are supposed to be.”  Every family should experience beauty.  Should live in security.  Should be happy and whole.  Should know this type of peacefulness.  Should have this trust in the Lord.

Getting on the plane to come back was really hard.  As excited as I was to return to Honduras, saying goodbye to the peacefulness and the people I love most in the world…yeah, really hard.

It’s interesting how sometimes I think I want to live in Honduras forever; I have all these crazy ideas about starting an orphanage.  Other times I’m convinced I want nothing more than to live the life my mom is living; I also have all of these crazy ideas about starting a school in NC.  So basically, I have no idea what I want.  That said, whatever I wind up doing, and wherever I wind up doing it, I know I want it to be something that brings more beauty and peace into the world.  But.  One day at a time.

‘Til next time!

*Fun fact of the day:  Proper plural is octopodes.


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