Christmas Wish List

Ahhhh, it’s been forever!!!!

And so much has happened in this past month!  I’m going to need all of my time at home to recount everything in my blog.

Long story short:

Elections happened; I gutted a turkey for Thanksgiving;  we had a week of formation with 30 Honduran teenagers; and we just got back yesterday from a week of mission with said teenagers.   I’m exhausted.  And in some ways confused and discouraged…every time we go, I see a little more of the brokennes in the world… but in other ways incredibly content and joyful, having met 30 incredible teens who want to change their world for the better.

ALSO!  A few people have sent emails asking if we need anything… and actually…

One of the things I’ve learned in my time down here is the many different forms that poverty can take.  One of these is an intellectual poverty.  Reading here is a luxury.

I’ve always loved this quote by Erasmus:  “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”   It’s basically the story of my  paycheck… but… if it was my children who were hungry or who needed clothing… of course I’m going to put their needs first, and so it is with the families here, and then nevermind finding the time to read.   It was a conversation that I had a few times with my language teacher in Guatemala… and because of all this books aren’t in demand and thus, hard to come by.

One of the rooms in our house is a library/office/workspace and we have shelves and shelves filled with books.  Almost all of them are in English, though, brought and left by people from the States.  So… I’ve made an Amazon wishlist:  If anyone would like, the books on the list would be incredible for our community.  Most of them have been specifically requested by the Hondurans themselves.  Heads up:  The Diary of St. Faustina and anything by Fr. Jacque Phillipe are wanted most.

Then some of the books  are for fun.  For example, I’ve got Ender’s Game on there for one of the teenage boys we work who’s relearning how to walk after a horrible accident.  Life in bed/the wheelchair all day gets boring.  I’ve also got Apples to Apples and chess on there for our community.  We’ve got Sorry and cards, but sometimes you need a little variety.

Thennnn, since I’m in charge of the kitchen, I’m always painfully aware of how desperately we need dishtowels… and new rags for cleaning in general.

So!  Anything  would be most appreciated, but as always, prayers are the most important.

And dear readers, hopefully the next time I talk to most of you it will be in person!  Hooray for home!




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