Little Things


Sooo, in case you were worried, I am still alive!  Thriving in fact, and loving my time in Honduras.  I’ve actually been here for about three weeks now.  We got back from Guatemala Sept. 17th, but we’ve been so busy!  Plus, we’re only allowed to use the internet for personal use on Friday… but sometimes the internet doesn’t work…so between this and that it’s been AGES since I’ve posted… and you’re left with one last story from Antigua.  But!  It’s still a good story even if it’s old.


So one of things that’s really surprised me about my time down here is how much I miss music.  But thinking about it, I spent a lot of time last year putting together the music for the dances, or listening to music on my friend’s blog, or as my younger brother will note with annoyance, I’m always singing at home.

Anyways, missing the trash on the radio is one thing, but the other thing that’s been tough is not knowing the music of the Mass.  For me, singing is definitely praying  twice and not knowing the words has put a damper on my prayer life.

Now, every morning in Antigua we went to Mass at San Francisco, and every morning a small group of Franciscan sisters do all the music.   Every morning I would watched them, longing to be a part of their little choir.  But you can’t just join someone else’s choir for all of three weeks, nevermind when you don’t speak their language.  Even just for basic introductions, the timing of leaving Mass never really worked out.

But…then one morning, one of the sisters who plays the guitar and I started smiling and waving at each other on the way out of Mass.  This went on every day for over a week.  Then, FINALLY, there was one day were it worked out that we were both leaving at the same time.  !!  I was so excited just to learn her name, but then this was the weird part, immediately after the initial introduction she hands me this huge packet of papers and is going on about how it’s all in order according to the Mass.  It was all of their music.  I was super confused, but so excited to have it.  As it turns out, Sr. Ana Teresa had mixed me up with this other tall blond American girl (haha, yeah, not me at all) who had asked for their music the week before.  As it worked out, I was able to make copies that afternoon and now I have a binder with all the music.  So happy.  Not only that but it has all of the chords for the guitar…which I am slowly (very slowly) but surely trying to learn in the pockets of free time we have.

Anyways.  Some might write it off as a coincidence, but for me, it was such an answer to a prayer… but a prayer that I hadn’t even spoken, because I thought it…I dunno, wasn’t answerable…which is dumb.  But God is so good in knowing even the little things that our hearts desire.

Buttttt now we’re getting into my thoughts for the next post… which hopefully, will happen next Friday… but then again, it could be another month.





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