Week One — Done!

Can you believe??  The first week of language school is officially over!  Honestly, I don’t really believe it myself. 

Ha, who are we kidding, this entire experience has been a dream.  I have to pinch myself waling down the cobblestone streets of Antigua regularly. Antigua is absolutely beautiful and people come from all over the world to study at its language schools.  

My language school is called San Jose el Viejo, and like the rest of Antigua is more or less a paradise.  It’s more of a garden than anything else, and then in the midst of the garden are these individual little classrooms with a desk and white board for your personalized Spanish instruction. 

In case you’re curious, the day starts at 8am, and we have a half hour break at 10am; we break for lunch at 12pm.  My mornings are usually spent doing grammar and before I go any futher…

I have to give the BIGGEST THANK YOU IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to my old department head for making me teach Grammar 9.  It has made learning Spanish about a million times easier.  When Paola (my teacher) starts dicussing relative pronouns, dependent clauses, transitive or intransitive verbs, etc. etc.  I know exactly what she’s talking about.  So. Awesome.  Thank you.  Grammar— important for LIFE.  On another note, it’s funny to look back on the way God prepares us for things, that during the time we had no idea he was preparing us for. 

Okay.  Back to my day.  Class resumes at 1:30pm and the day ends at 4pm.  Afternoons are usually devoted to discussion, and we might read the newspaper or recipes as a starting point. 

BUT… some days are different.  Yesterday for example, we spent the morning getting a tour of a local coffee farm and music museum.  Today we spend the morning in conversation and in the afternoon explored the used book stores in Antigua and played Scrabble (basically my dream day).

I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned in just five days…and not just what I’ve learned regarding the Spanish language.  I’m learning loads about the culture, traditions, history, lifestyle, basically everything. And Paola (my teacher) is superb.  I love hearing her perspective and she’s a great teacher as well.  She’s been teaching Spanish here for years. 

Ahhh, there’s so much more to say!  About the house that Justin (other missionary that I’m with) and I are staying in and the sweet lady who takes care of us, or the church right across the street that has the tomb of Guatemala’s only saint (San Hermano Pedro) but I am quickly running out of time.  

So!  That’s the quick update on life!  Hopefully a more thoughtful reflection and maybe some pictures (??) soon.  

Lots of love and prayers!!


One thought on “Week One — Done!

  1. Carrie,

    It’s nice to hear that you are doing so well, and that language school is off to an great start! What else do they have you reading besides newspapers and recipes?

    Could you share more about the lifestyle in Antigua? I’m curious! Also, I was actually thinking of suggesting that pictures would be a great addition. Please post some if you can!

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